FCJ Report Accepted by the Members of The Garden

On March 15 members of The Garden at Gethsemane voted to accept the FCJ report prepared specifically for this church. FCJ (Fruitful Congregation Journey) is a church development program conducted by the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Garden is working through the FCJ process to identify opportunities to strengthen the church on its Mission to be inwardly strong for an outward focus. This YES vote sets the stage for work on the Ministry Action Plan.

The FCJ report includes strengths, concerns and a Ministry Action Plan to assist The Garden as it prepares and supports those on The Journey. The full FCJ report is available here: Fruitful Congregations Journey Report.

We are excited to embark on the next leg of our Journey as we make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

FCJ Report for The Garden

Findings of the Fruitful Congregations Journey Report

Dearest Church Family~

This weekend has been very important and affirming for us all at The Garden at Gethsemane. The visit from the Fruitful Congregation Journey Team of The United Methodist Church has been an opportunity to truly celebrate the many things that God has done in our church family while challenging us as well. Please find attached the Ministry Action Plan that was distributed this morning. Copies will be available for everyone who does not have email.

The five Ministry Action Plans will be discussed at the two upcoming Town Hall meetings held at The Garden. First Town Hall is Sunday March 8 at 4:00 pm. Second Town Hall is Saturday March 14 at 10:00. On Sunday March 15 at 4:00 pm we will vote on whether to accept and implement the report. Everyone will be given a chance to voice their opinion, however, only members will be allowed to vote.

You, as a congregation, have embraced the Vision that God has given to His church. You have given of your time, talent and resources. You have willingly allowed God to reinvent, and resurrect the reason He originally planted a church on this lot. You have worked to become a lighthouse for Jesus Christ, giving the entire city of Muncie new hope and new direction.

May we all continue to walk in the light of His grace and mercy. May we all continue to endeavor to walk in the bond of unity that the Spirit of God has given us. May we continue to do, “Whatever It Takes,” to accomplish the will of God in this place, at this time.

Blessings on this Journey
Rev Vickie Perkins
Pastor Tony Collins

Defining Moments -Sermon Series and Small Group Study

The Garden at Gethsemane is excited to announce the next sermon series and small group study. Defining Moments what to do when you come face-to-face with the truth, by Andy Stanley.

Beginning March 8, we will be embark on a new 8-week study during March and April 2015. Most small groups that are meeting now will continue, and there is opportunity to join a small group, or even form one, for those interested. The Garden believes that small group ministry linked with a Sunday morning message encourages us all on our Journey to a Christ Centered life.

Defining Moments will teach us how people in the Scripture reacted to defining moments in their lives, and how they relate to important decision points in our lives. Andy Stanley guides us to look at these defining moments with truth honestly so they can be life changing.

Contact the Church Office or Rhonda Green at The Garden for more information.

The Branch Service

The Branch is our new contemporary service that began in January. Our desire is that you have the opportunity to find the irresistible God, and we have designed our service so that you see Him clearly. Worship is an important part of connecting with God. Through Worship our hearts and our minds are opened to the truth of God’s presence. As you worship with us we pray that you find a place that is both comfortable and safe.

The Branch Service begins at 11:15a on Sunday morning. On The Journey.

The Path

The Path is the tool that God has given to us at The Garden at Gethsemane to begin moving people toward a Christ centered life. It is a starting point for those who are Exploring or Growing in Christ to move significantly on their disciple’s Journey. We encourage you to step into The Path and join us on the Journey.

The Plan – The Plan will help in our understanding of who Jesus is and it will help explain who we are at The Garden and what we believe.

The Promise – The Promise continues with studies designed to help you understand the promises that God has given and how to discover the specific gifts and passion he has given you.

The Process – The Process will help us move into greater understanding of the relationship that God offers to each of us and how we grow to maturity in our Christian faith.

The Path classes begin in January 2015 and will meet in Asbury Hall from 10:15-11:00 on Sunday morning. You can sign-up for The Path at the opportunities center outside the Sanctuary at The Garden.

United Methodist Men Pickle Sales

photo-15The United Methodist Men at The Garden sell Sechler’s pickles each year. Recently they setup a pickle shop at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Bob Wright and Butch Littell are shown here selling pickles.

Sechler’s pickles are made in Indiana and taste great. Several varieties are available at The Garden. United Methodist Men are available most Saturday mornings at The Garden so stop in and buy some. Or you can call the church office Mon-Fri 8-4 for details.

Funds raised from pickle sales support summer camp opportunities and other church activities.

SOULSHiFT Study – beginning May 2014

SoulShiftIn May we will begin a church-wide study that will bring transformation to you, your relationships, and your CHURCH! SOULSHiFT is a church-wide study that will begin May 4th. Books will be available on April 27th. We encourage everyone to become a part of this study.

From the SOULSHiFT site SOULSHiFT Site.
Learn seven key shifts that God’s Spirit causes in the hearts, minds, and behaviors of Christians that will empower and unite your church for growth and ministry. SOULSHiFT will move you and your church from performance-driven religion to life-transforming relationship . . . for the rest of your lives!

Holy Week Worship and Celebration Events

Gethsemane United Methodist Church announces Worship Service and Special Events for Holy Week 2014.

On Palm Sunday, April 13, we will have 9:00a and 11:15a Worship Services in the Sanctuary.

On Palm Sunday, April 13, we will hold a Service of Baptism at 7:00p at The Compass Church on West Jackson Street.

On Good Friday, April 18, a WOW Celebration Service will be held at the church at 7:00p. An Easter egg hunt for the children will be held after the Service. (The special dinner announced previously has been cancelled.)

On Easter Sunday, April 20, we will hold 9:00a and 11:15A Worship Services in the Sanctuary.

Please plan to join us, bring a friend or guest, to Worship and Celebrate our risen Savior. On the Journey!

A New Name for Gethsemane

UPDATE On Tuesday evening, March 11, the members of Gethsemane United Methodist Church at a Charge Conference sanctioned by the Bishop and the District voted to approve a name change/addition to the church. Consideration of the name change was the sole business for the Charge Conference. Rev. Vickie Perkins asked that the name become The Garden at Gethsemane. The vote was not unanimous, but the motion passed. Rev Vickie thanked the members for their love and support, and praised God for the work being done in his name at Gethsemane.

The church will continue to a member of the United Methodist Church, and that will not be a secret. As Gethsemane is moving toward completion of a major building project, The Governing board and Journey Committee leadership in consultation with Rev. Vickie Perkins and Pastor Tony Collins felt led to pursue this change. Implementation of the name change will be gradual, and will begin to be reflected in church communication and outreach over the next several months.

Gethsemane United Methodist Church has scheduled a Charge Conference on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 6:00p, to vote on an addition to the name of the church.

Members will be able to discuss and vote on the addition of The Garden at to the name of Gethsemane. Everyone is invited to attend, but only members can vote on the change.

Worship Message – March 2, 2014

Listen to Rev. Vickie’s March 2, 2014, Worship Message “50/50″ from the Study/Sermon Series “Staying in Love” by Andy Stanley at Gethsemane United Methodist Church.

Winter Weather

With the heavy snow and low, low temperatures that followed, schools in Muncie and Delaware county and surrounding areas have been closed this week. This effectively gives most children an extra week of break from school, and parents an extra week with their families. And makes living day to day a little more difficult.

Gethsemane offices close following the lead of Muncie Community Schools. Activities at Gethsemane are cancelled when the office closes. Check email, the GUMC Facebook page, local radio, and the WTHR TV station for closing information.

Stay safe and warm, and do Whatever it Takes to stay on The Journey.

Staff Changes at Gethsemane

God has given us a vision – The Journey.. Moving People toward a Christ Centered Life. As we continue on our Journey at Gethsemane, God has made it clear that we need to be a church that is inwardly strong for an outward focus. In order to fulfill God’s vision, we must staff in the right positions to accomplish the goal of making Disciples of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, I am very excited to announce the following:

Effective October 1, 2013, Bishop Mike Coyner has appointed Tony Collins as Pastor of Outreach Ministries at GUMC. Pastor Tony has a heart and passion for the poor and marginalized in our community. While Tony will continue his responsibilities in Worship, his focus as Pastor of Outreach Ministries will be on Mission, WOW (Wheeling to Walnut), and launching a new worship “experience in February 2014. With great excitement I welcome Pastor Tony to the Indiana United Methodist Clergy connectional system.

Effective September 2013, Rhonda Green is serving as Executive Director for GUMC. She is resonsible for the inward networking of the many teams we have at Gethsemane. Rhonda has the Spiritual gifts of administration and shepherding. Rhonda has a heart and passion for seeing the “big” picture while empowering the body of Christ to minister in the name of Christ.

I continue to be in awe at the path on which Christ leads us. Thank you for your continued prayers and tremendous support as I Vision, Lead and Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rev Vickie Perkins, October 2013

God’s Group Children’s Ministry

Gethsemane Children’s Ministry Team hosts God’s Group once a month on the 3rd Sunday. God’s Group provides fun, relationship-building activities for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Children beginning second grade this year are welcome.

A kick-off celebration is planned on Sunday, Sept 15, after the second service. We will meet at the church for a Taco/Sundae lunch and fun with board games and fellowship. Plan to join us then.